Barcelona update crest by removing ‘FCB’ lettering

The La Liga champions have proposed a change to their shield for the first time since 2002
FC Barcelona have introduced a new crest that will be used starting in the 2019-20 season, pending club membership approval.

The biggest change for the Blaugrana will be the removal of the “FCB” lettering currently featured prominently on the club’s shield.

Other, more subtle changes include the removal of black lines inside the crest, a reduction of ‘Blaugrana’ stripes from seven to five, a more prominent featuring of the ball. and a lightening of some of the colours.

The change has already been approved by the Board of Directors, and now must be ratified by club membership at the Delegate Assembly on October 20 to make it official.

If approved, it will be the first time that Barcelona have chanced their logo since 2002.

It will also be the first time since 1910 that neither “CFB” nor “FCB” is featured on the club’s crest.

“FCB” was present on the club’s badge from 1910 to 1941, and then “CFB” was on the crest from 1941 to 1974 while Francisco Franco was ruling over Spain.

During Franco’s reign the club had to abandon the anglicised “Futbol Club Barcelona” name in favour of “Club de Futbol Barcelona”, hence in those year the club used “CFB” rather than “FCB”.

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