Joy FM – Yvonne Nelson, I had breast implants due to lumps found in my breasts – Karen Igho

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Stunning revelations have been made today that ex-BBA contestant, Karen Igho, carried out a breast implant procedure due to lumps found in her breasts. This came from Igho’s PR team, and it is in response to derogatory remarks made by Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, on Twitter.

Karen Igho and Yvonne Nelson have last week been engaged on a heated fight on Twitter, with both of them taking jabs at themselves. But the situation reached a nadir, when Yvonne Nelson made reference to Karen’s ‘boob jobs’.

Yvonne Nelson was quoted as follows. “fake boobs, no wonder you don’t have a bf”.

In response, Igho’s team have released a press statement on the issue.

“Sometime yesterday whilst preparing for her promo photo shoot, Karen and the World PR Media camp got wind of a tweet that was sent to our client, Karen Igho.

Yvonne Nelson quoted as follows “fake boobs, no wonder you don’t have a bf”. When Karen got the alert, she made several personal gestures to clarify the position of the tweet and the tweetee, but none of the enquiries was answered and a claim of ‘handle hacking’ was implied by the Nelson camp.

Just to update the Nelson team since we can’t reach you, Karen’s resort to breast implants were as a result of lumps found and removed in her breasts. And can you also be a good role model to your own younger fans by resisting online bullying or any other type of bullying for that matter.”

Source: Joy FM

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