Ursula Owusu Ekuful wins NPP Ablekuma polls.

Faustina Agbeli (GhanaClass.com)

Mrs. Ursula Owusu Ekuful,the Incumbent Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma West Constituency, has won the NPP Ablekuma West polls.


The Incumbent MP was contesting the seat on the ticket of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

She polled 554 out of 876 ballot casts while her contender, Robert Paa Kwesi Hayfron Nicol polled 317. There were 5 rejected ballots. Meanwhile, 1,168 were supposed to cast their ballot.


She was initially contesting the seat with two other persons but one of them, which is the former constituency chairman, Theophilus Tetteh stepped down at the last hour due to unknown reasons.


Robert Paa Kwesi Hayfron popularly called Roni earlier in the day indicated to this reporter of his confidence of coming out victorious.

According to him, he is confident of winning because the delegates know his worth and are aware that he can transform the constituency unto the right path.

“I am very confident that I am going to win this polls because of how hard I have worked for the party at the grassroots level…and today being my birthday, I am of the firm belief that I will emerge victorious at the end of the day.”

He also preached unity within the party irrespective of the outcome of the election and explained that his intention of contesting the incumbent was just a way of “expressing his democratic rights as a citizen.”


Mrs. Ursula Owusu also expressed her confidence of coming out victorious and noted that “I am very happy that majority of the delegates have come in their numbers to vote and this has even increased my confidence level because they have assured me of voting in my favour…moreover, I have done quite a number of projects in the constituency and I am sure the delegates will renew their confidence in me to enable me to continue from where I have ended.”


At the end of the day, the defeated candidate, Robert Paa Kwesi Hayfron Nicol accepted defeated and congratulating the incumbent MP stated that “he has accepted defeat because it is very important to work together 2 defeat the NDC and stressing on the need for the party to merge and find the way forward to help the party win power in the November general elections.”

On the part of Mrs Owusu Ekuful, she expressed her gratitude to the delegates for the massive support they have rendered her and indicated that it was time for the party to unite and come out victorious in the come November 7.


“I was confident I will win because of the feedback I got from the delegates and I am very grateful that the results we all expected gas come…the time to work has come…this is not the time for any divisions but rather it is the time to unite and work hard to retain the seat and maximise the votes for our Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.”

She also thanked her contender, Roni for giving her a run for her money and finally appealed to all and sundry especially the former constituency chairman, Theophilus Tetteh to rescind on his decision and rally behind the party for massive victory come November 7 general elections.


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