Ugandan court issues an arrest warrant for Nigerian Musician Wizkid

Ugandan court has issued a warrant of arrest for popular Nigerian Musician Wizkid, real names Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, for failing to show up for a concert.

The arrest warrant directs any police officer from Uganda police or Interpol to arrest Wizkid and produce him to court before January 16th, 2017 according to the AllAfrica

Ugandans were disappointed when the Nigerian celebrity musician failed to show up for concert that was scheduled for the 3rd of December at Lugogo Cricket Oval in the East African nation’s capital Kampala.

The arrest warrant is issued on the basis that the singer received money by false pretense, cheating and conspiracy to defraud. The organizers, Face TV, lawyers are also suing the musician for the offences and a penalty of 11 years in jail stand in case he doesn’t pay.

Other than incurring expenses in bookings and re-booking of flights, hotel, venue, advertisements and promotions at the cost of more than $300,000, the concert organizers also paid Wizkid’s manager $60,000 performance fee, $5000 brokerage fee and $3000 per diem for the days the musician and his crew will be in Uganda according to an affidavit. In addition more than 25,000 people had bought tickets for the concert.

According to Mediamax, Wizkid was recently in the United States for medical reasons and according to the organizers, Wizkid could not take a flight from the U.S.A to Uganda due to “unavoidable circumstances”.

source: cctv


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