The Insight – Who wins 2016 elections.

the_insight_17_10_2016Facts on the ground suggest very strongly that not much can be taken for granted in the 2016 elections and that those who think that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has already lost the elections may be in for a very rude shock.

Last Thursday I followed the president’s campaign in Accra and was completely stunned by the level of confidence of NDC supporters who appear to fear no foe.

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, General Secretary Nketiah of the party speaks for the broad membership when he claims that the NDC will win the election hands down.                         

Do you want to live forever?

Just US$ 30,000 can do this trick

Russia’s population that regularly finances all kinds of magicians offer – to save both soul and flesh.  This attractive project is called cryonics.

Its mission is to preserve the body or the human brain through deep freezing, so in the future it could be restored and revitalized with the technologies yet to be invented.

The authorship of this idea is attributed to philosopher’s transhumanists, proponents of this movement believe that in the process of evolution humans will be able to attain physical immortality.



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