Nana Yaa Juantuah has made a mockery of her office

She breezed onto the scene exuding sincerity and honesty. Her soothing words captivated thousands who could afford the time to listen to her submissions. She was, oftertimes, able to mellow agitated hearts when Ghanaians were up in arms with our utility providers.


Many a man held the view that she was a cistern of knowledge when it came to handling matters relating to the utility providers.


The passage of time, coupled with arrogance hitherto foreign to her, teamed up to cloud her senses of good judgement.


All are not angels that enamel themselves in angelic wings and manners. Nana Yaa Juantuah, once revered by many, along the line, tried everything humanly possible to sever ties with her admirers.


It still remains a matter of considerable myth how this woman could allow herself to be used by the powers that be in such a disgraceful manner.


I cannot, for the life of me, believe that the quoted amount was used to purchase 35 hampers! There is more to this than meets the eye!


May be, just may be, it was a gesture to show appreciation for the queenly treatment they showered upon her.


The long arm of the law must be activated! Nana Yaa Juantuah must not continue to bless the office she occupies with her venomous interior!


*P.K.Sarpong, whispers from the corridors of THE THINKING PLACE.*


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