Kotoko Express – Mental toughness …players overcome July 12 experience.


Commitment plays effective role in every human institution.  In football especially, it is very key to success.  You can have all the top players in the world but if they lack commitment, you can hardly achieve your targets.

This is why at Kotoko, we should consider dedicated players who can take the team to greater heights.

It does not matter how popular or big they are.  What matters is their willingness to help Kotoko succeed in all situations.

Those are the players Kotoko can rely on to thrive.  I have seen different kinds of players in Kotoko over the years.  Some come out well with the zeal to assist the club to win laurels while others come only to for their personal gain.

Fake replica dealers busted

The Kumasi police on Sunday arrested a number of people selling fake Kotoko paraphernalia banners, headgears, flags and replica jerseys at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

The action by the security force took the dealers by surprise.  Some were seen running away to escape arrest.

Most of the fake dealers arrested about ten of them were women and young men, some of who had travelled from Accra to display their wares.

All their wares were seized.  Kotoko Express couldn’t establish at press time whether the alleged fake dealers were charged but supporters around expressed happiness seeing the police action.


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