Ken Ofori-Atta has made Ghana proud

I have fully read the minority’s press statement on the 2.25 billion dollars bond and the rebut from the finance ministry.


I must confess my uncle Ken Ofori and the finance ministry has made me proud as I assumed they would as I patiently waited for their rebut to the bogus allegation by the minority in parliament.


As I type this, I am still waiting if the minority can out of their ignorance, shame and unwillingness to research before they push ridiculous statements will still be willing or able to rebut to the rebut by the finance ministry headed by the intelligent humble calm Ken ofori atta.


But in case the minority will still want to push another ridicule of themselves through another by all means lame rebut in their desperation just to be heard or please their diminishing 44% supporter due to the fulfillment of the promises by nana addo, then I will please plead with them not to allow the one who wrote the previous one to write this one because I have never seen and read from such a wack analyst and writer of his kind before.

The person just lacked everything of a writer and an analyst.

Seriously a read of his statement was a waste of time and energy.

It was badly arranged, not well researched on and very boring.


Minority should lift up the bar because it has been so far so bad.


Thank you


Hhhmm, may God be praised always


Nana Kwadwo Akwaa


Member, CTI


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