The Daily Dispatch- Economist magazine on Ghana’s grasscutter.

The cane rat, a large, blunt nosed version of its urban cousin, looks docile, enough.  But it has a taste for fingers.

You need skills to be able to handle them, says Francis Ababio, who teaches students how to rear the rodents, also known as grasscutters, at Kwadaso Agricultural college in Kumasi.

Ghana’s second city.  Grasscutters meat is a delicacy in the country’s cities and a part of rural diets.

Digested grass found in its stomach is also said to make delicious soups.  Most grasscutters meat still comes from the wild.

But conservationists and officials are trying to curtail bush meat hunting because of concerns that it is wrecking the environment and pending food chains.

The Ebola outbreak in 2014 dented demand but some 579m forest eaten every year in central Africa, according to the U.N.

Ex-Prez Mahama’s bombshell

…NDC hi-jacked by opportunists

Former President John Mahama says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been infiltrated by self-seeking opportunist whose main interest is enriching themselves and their relatives and not that of the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of the first intake of students at the party’s ideological school, Ghana Instituted of Social Democracy, Mr Mahama said people are no longer interested in how they can work to better the lives of Ghanaians but, rather that of their own.

We all think about ourselves, first, our families second, our parties third maybe our communities fourth and Ghana comes a fifth or even 10th.

The school was set up to help train party members on the social democratic philosophy and also foster patriotism among members.


NPP MPs proposals are outrageous

The Association of Founding Fathers and Patrons of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region, has kicked against proposed changes to the party’s constitution.

It warned that some of the amendments being canvassed were problematic and could create trouble for the party.

The Association at a press conference addressed by its chairman, Kofi Obiri Yeboah, in Kumasi, made reference to the suggestion that Member of Parliament (MP) parliamentary candidates (PC) is allowed to appoint constituency and polling station officers, and described it as outrageous.

This proposals alongside that of making the MP or PC the executive head of the party at the constituency level, they said, should be shelved.



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