I’ll not support law school entrance exams – Muntaka

The Minority Chief Whip , Muntaka Mubarak said he will oppose the entrance exams at the Ghana school of law

The Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak, has said he will oppose the Subsidiary Legislation Committee of Parliament’s recommendation to amend the law to allow the entrance exams at the Ghana School of Law School.

Despite the Committee”s conclusions to allow the exams but reject the interviews, Mr. Mubarak said on Eyewitness News that “they have rules and I respect what they have done but I disagree with them.”

After a meeting with the General Legal Council and the Attorney General’s office over the controversial Legal Profession Regulations 2017 LI, the Subsidiary Legislation Committee decided to also reject petitions for the scrapping of the entrance examinations for admission into the school.
The Committee has said that its decision to back the entrance exams, despite the opposition from law students and some observers is because the exams will be conducted within the remits of the law by the General Legal Council.

The Legal Professions Act 32 makes provision for preliminary, intermediate and final examinations.

But Mr. Muntaka argued that “it is not only when there are inconsistencies in law that Parliament decides to reject things.”

The MP made reference to Parliament’s decision to shelve the Plant Breeders Bill, which was met with some opposition from some stakeholders within the agriculture sector.

“We represent the people and we need to listen to them at all times and because of that, Parliament had to suspend the proceedings on the Plant Breeders Bill not because there was anything wrong with it.”

Speaking to Citi News earlier, the Chairman of the Subsidiary Legislation Committee, Mahama Ayariga, indicated that the General Legal Council has received some Cabinet backing for the Bill amending the legal professions Act, Act 32 to the satisfaction of critics.

He told Citi News that this was done to enable the Ghana School of Law process admissions for 2018.

“Those two Bills, when they come, will address the wider concerns of the public and the law school” Mr. Ayariga said.

But Mr. Muntanka responded to thi saying the committee was putting the cart before the horse by passing the LI, then later amending the Act.

“I am still optimistic of Parliament that the generality of members of Parliament will look at this issue as a serious concern that is being raised by the ordinary citizen of this country and we cannot just push it away because it is a real issue… I will strongly oppose it and I will continue to encourage members to oppose it.”

The LI was drawn up and laid in Parliament on December 22, 2017, in response to the Supreme Court order directing a parliamentary approved admission process into the Ghana School of Law and calls to the Bar.


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