I Was Happy My Son’s Marriage Collapsed.

...Maame Dokono.

“What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder” was what the Holy Bible in Mark 19: 6 says about marriage.

However, when one of the sons of Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, and his ex-wife from Trinidad & Tobago decided to break up their marriage, the celebrated actress said she was actually glad it happened.

Even though she didn’t openly say she supports divorce, she walked on air when the two gave up on their marriage, and her reason is that she wanted a Ghanaian wife for her son.

“We were all in London for the wedding but after some time it broke up and then I said well I am happy that it has broken down,” she said last week Wednesday while reacting to a News-One question during a press screening of her upcoming film, ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’.

She said she had a beautiful Ghanaian doctor for the son who lives in New York.

However, he didn’t accept her choice and won’t succumb to the usual trend in Maame Dokono’s family, where she and her husband always select spouses for their children.

Maame Dokono was speaking about her son’s marriage in public because her family story is similar to that of her upcoming film which is set for cinema release on October 6.

“I am particularly interested in this film because I find myself in there. I really went for it because I have experienced this situation. My son who lives in New York wanted to marry and usually the father and I will select a Ghanaian woman for all our children but this son said no and he got married to someone from Trinidad & Tobago.

We were all in London for the wedding but after some time it broke down and then I said well I am happy that it has broken down. This time, I am going to give you a Ghanaian medical doctor, a very beautiful girl then he goes for another white girl. A pure white. When I read the script I said ah this is my situation I will do it,” she told a section of
the Ghanaian media but won’t mention the son’s name.

The upcoming film which talks about marriage and Ghanaian culture is directed by Helel Smith. It delves into how culture and traditions play a key role in the society and how it binds people together.

According to Maame Dokono, Ghanaian traditional wedding is more important than the white wedding in the church. She, therefore, encouraged young people never to shy away from traditional marriage, as she emphasized the need to always marry in the presence of one’s family.

Mama Dokono went off local TV screens for some time but she says, “I’m back. Actually I wanted to take a little bit of rest after going through politics. I wanted to hide a little so I visited my children outside and since I came back I have been acting.”


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