Gee Spot: I don’t want Shatta Wale to influence my son – Michy

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Michy has revealed she monitors and restricts their son, Majesty’s engagement with his father, Shatta Wale, so he does not get influenced.

Michy, who was a guest on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot with MzGee, was asked the status of her relationship with Shatta Wale.

MzGee: What is happening between you and Shatta, are you separated?

Michy: We are co-parenting.

MzGee: So Majesty spends a week with you and another with Shatta?

Michy: Eeerrmm not a whole week but he has visiting hours, supervised visiting hours. Because you see, men are men, and I’m training my child in a way that I don’t want him to just see this side and go like ‘I want to be this, daddy is like this, I want to be this’. He likes it, he is active so he is attracted to it….So I will not let them spend too much time together.

MzGee: Is that to say you feel he will be influenced negatively?

Michy: I will not say negative. Since he was born, the only thing he has seen and heard is music, stage and recording and all that, that is the only thing he will ever see if I allow it to go on.

However, Shatta Wale in a conversation on Showbiz A-Z with Naa Ashorkor indicated that his negative conduct is for show business.

Watch this episode of Gee Spot which features Michy, Feli Nuna, Harold Amenyah and former Footballer John Paintsil on Joy Prime on August 18 at 6.30 pm.


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