A dating school for China’s many men

In 2016, there were 33.6 million more men than women in China – these love coaches claim they can help men understand women. The school’s one-on-one seminars run $4,500.

Dating in the 21st Century is tough: busy schedules and dating apps can make meeting a partner a huge headache. But it can be even more of a challenge in countries like China – where the number of men vastly outnumbers the number of women. (An imbalance that is, in part, thanks to the country’s infamous One Child Policy.)

So, one dating school is on a mission to help teach young Chinese how to successfully woo potential partners through a series of intensive online and in-person courses.

From conversation classes to dancing lessons, some of this school’s clients are willing to pay big bucks to go from timid to confident: one-on-one coaching costs $4,500.

Credit: BBC

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