Feature: What does the Resurrection of Christ means to Believers or Christians as a whole?

Faustina Agbeli (GhanaClass.com)

As Christians all over the world clad in their beautiful white attire to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, one would wonder what His resurrection means to Believers or Christians as a whole.

Ghanaclass.com in its quest to ascertain this, visited the ICGC Holy Family Worship Centre at Dansoman Last Stop to know what His resurrection means to some members of the church.

Majority of the people who spoke to this reporter said, the Resurrection of Christ is simply Christ’s victory over the devil some 2,016 years ago.

According to them, Christians need to rejoice because His Resurrection has given believers power, hope and life they didn’t previously have.

Emefa a member, who spoke to this reporter indicated that through Christ’s resurrection, she has experienced hope, love and joy and also His Resurrection has made it possible for her to triumph in all situations no matter how challenging it may seem.

Mavis also had this to say ” I was once a Gentile and no where near the Kingdom of God but by the death and Resurrection of Christ, I was accepted into his sheepfold. His resurrection has translated me from a kingdom of darkness to eternal life.”

“As a Christian, a believer and a born-again for that matter, I will say that His resurrection has cleansed me from all righteousness and made me whole and clean once again,” Justice also indicated.

Elaborating further, he said His Resurrection has brought unto him eternal life, and salvation.

Therefore, he said that “as a Christian, you have to believe in the death and resurrection of Christ or else ur faith is futile.”

So the question now is what does the resurrection of Christ signifies to u as a believer or Christian?

Does it signify salvation, redemption, joy, hope or eternal life?

Your thoughts and comments are humbly welcome.


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