Feature: Effects of Religion and Political Parties.

Joseph Osei Yeboah (GhanaClass.com)

From other forum on Africa and effects of Religion & Political Parties

Wofa K, Religion as defined in book is a process of ultimate transformation. Any religion that fails to bring transformation to the people is useless.

Africa fails to originate her own systems. People especially those who have had much experiences in the western world believe governing a nation democratically means creating political parties(PP).

But to me PP are imperialists indelible tactics of divide and rule of nations.

Democratic governance and majoritarian decisions have never been through partisan lenses from family, JCR mtgs, traditional governance, religious etc.

Why is governing a country alone requires PP but not collective and experienced minds for the country?

Unless we develop our own democratic structure as Africa, our unreflective colonised minds even after our depth of education, will make Africa subservient to the rest of the world.



Joseph Osei Yeboah (JOY)

Presidential Candidate 

2012 General Election.




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