BBC: Jodie Foster and Michael J Fox lead anti-Trump protest

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Jodie Foster and Michael J Fox have led an anti-Donald Trump protest two days before the Oscars in Los Angeles.

The United Voices rally was staged by Hollywood’s United Talent Agency instead of its usual pre-Oscars party.

Foster, a double Oscar winner, said she rarely spoke out in public but that it was now “time to show up”.

Back to the Future star Fox told the crowd “we are the lucky ones” and that he wanted to “share a bit of that luck” with refugees who want to enter the US.

“I believe that when so much good has been done unto you it’s natural to feel a sense of civic or even global responsibility,” he told the Beverly Hills rally.

I consider myself an optimist and that can be a tall order at times for me personally, and more as I see a growing intolerance and lack of compassion and empathy in the world around us.

“But one’s dignity may be assaulted, it may be vandalised, it may be cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it’s surrendered.”

Michael J FoxImage copyrightREUTERS
Image captionMichael J Fox said he believed “in the power of the arts to change the world”

The Canadian-born star, who became a US citizen two decades ago, showed only relatively small signs of the Parkinson’s Disease he has lived with since 1991.

He added that he believed “in the power of the arts to change not just our hearts but the world”.


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  • Dman

    I can understand Jodi Foster running her mouth, cause she has always been a liberal elite, and one that funny enough, still won’t admit publically straight out that she is queer after decades of hiding. I at least have more respect for the homosexuals that don’t lie about it and try to hide it. Only a veiled mention of a “partner”. Michael J Fox though? With all due respect Mike, you are not a real American you are a Canadian and was born rich. You have become so out of touch with the common man it isn’t funny. He is loved by his fans, and if he wants to keep half of them then he should do himself a favor and shut up about politics. He can do more harm to his charity by alienating half of the hard workers in this country by slamming their president.The Parkinsons has clearly gotten to his brain.

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