An open letter to Mr. Sylvester Mensah,

Dear Sylvester Mensah,


Inhumane Government was the Collapse of National Health Insurance Scheme under your leadership as CEO of National Health Insurance Authority(NHIA)


Inhumane Government was the cancellation of the Free Maternal Healthcare Policy under the National Health Insurance Scheme by your Government resulting in the Killing of pregnant women and innocent newborn Babies.


Inhumane Government was the introduction of Capitation Provider Payment Method into the NHIS by your leadership which resulted in the Discriminatory delivery of Healthcare.


Inhumane Government was the occurrence of massive Corruption at the NHIA calling for the attention of the BNI to investigate you whereby the investigation was compromised by John Mahama because he appointed you as his Campaign Coordinator for the Greater Accra Region.


President Akufo-Addo is correcting the errors and inhumane nature of your Government.


Sylvester, when you were fired from the NHIA, was John Mahama creating space to employ the service of NDC Foot Soldiers?



Razak Kojo Opoku

(CVM Founder& President)7


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